Thursday, December 27, 2012

Explanation Of Labels Used On Blog Posts

I have just added tags, or "labels" to each blog post that I have done so far, so you can search for posts that relate to different themes that one might want to search for.  Also I will probably edit and update this post every time I add a new label.  If you would find any labels useful, let me know and I'll consider whether to add a suggested label.


free_site refers to either web sites, software or any other useful language learning resource that is completely free (I'm mostly focusing on Polish but there may be other languages at the site as well).  I haven't yet added sites that have a free component or demo but charge for most resources, but may do so if people find that useful.

genealogy refers to a post that talks about Polish genealogy.

language_theory will refer to theoretical language learning concepts in general, and not just necessarily in Polish, but possibly applicable to any language learning.

language_trivia will include meaningless blatherings about language that are interesting (or not), or my personal experiences which directly or tangentially involve language, but might not be particularly instructive.

polish_adjectives talks about Polish adjectives.

polish_adverbs has to do with Polish adverbs.

polish_diaspora refers to historical information about Polish emigrants to other parts of the world.

polish_grammar refers to a post that talks about grammatical construction in the Polish language.  These will also have the polish_lesson tag.

polish_lesson refers to a post that has some instruction in the Polish language.

polish_nouns will refer to posts that talk about nouns in Polish, including declension, gender, number, and any related issues.

polish_prepositions will refer to posts that talk about prepositions and their usage in the Polish language.

polish_verbs will encompass any posts that talk about verbs in Polish, including conjugation, tenses, aspects, etc.

polish_vocabulary refers to a post that talks about vocabulary in the Polish language.  These will also have the polish_lesson tag.

site_review refers to a post where I review a web site, language software or other language resource.  If the site is (completely) free, it will also have the free_site tag.

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