Monday, January 28, 2013

Language Meditation

I've been trying to do at least once a day what I call language meditation.  That is, I will take a simple concept that has been a particularly difficult thing to retain through conventional study, and try to relax and focus my concentration on it instead of, say, on my breathing.  I'll try to work the word (if it is a word) through different scenarios and forms of the word (slowly and organically, only as it bubbles to the surface, and not through effort, but through visualization), and try to make it the core, unadulterated focus of my descent into relaxation--the mantra, so to speak.  I'll work on forgetting everything about the outside world except the concept I am studying (though I'd hardly call it studying, it's more like appreciation of a conceptual aesthetic).  My goal is to get my brain waves as far away from what would be necessary for associative or agglomerative study and put them more in the area that would be conducive to astral projection.  Looking at the colors of the concepts and hearing their synesthetic music, rather than creating logical and analytical pathways.

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