Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some Games In Polish

It helps to know the terminology of games you like to play when you are in a foreign country.  Here are  some terms in Polish for a few games:

Chess (szachy):
King - król (K)
Queen - hetman (H) [sometimes also "dama" or "królowa"]
Rook - wieża (W)
Bishop - goniec (G)
Knight - skoczek (S)
Pawn - pion (P)
Checkmate (mate) - szach mat (mat)
Stalemate - pat
Check - szach
Roszada - castling

Don't ask me yet about the Scheveningen Variation or the Fried Liver Attack.  I'm not there (linguistically) yet.

Backgammon (tryktrak):
(Backgammon) checker - pion
Dice - kostki
Doubling cube - kostka dublująca

Playing cards (carty do gry):
Spades - pik
Clubs - trefl
Hearts - kier
Diamonds- karo
Ace- as
King - król
Queen - dama
Jack - walet, jeździec
Joker - dżoker

Blackjack (gra w oko)
(The) deal - rozdanie

Bridge (brydż)
bez atu - no trump

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