Thursday, April 4, 2013

Protection and Security: "Chron-"

"Chron-" has to do with protection.

“Chronić/schronić” means “to protect, screen or shelter.” Add “się” to this verb and it means “to protect oneself” or “to seek refuge/shelter.” “Chroniony” is an adjective formed from this verb, meaning “protected.”  Nouns include “schronienie,” which is a “shelter” or a “refuge, “ while “schronisko” is also a “shelter” or a “hostel” or “cottage.”

“Ochraniać/ochronić” as well as “uchronić” means “to guard” or “to protect.”

“Ochronny” is an adjective meaning “protective.” Examples include “kask ochronny,” which means “hard hat,” “odzież ochronna,” or, alternatively, “ubranie ochronne,” meaning “protective clothing,” “filtr ochronny” means “sunscreen,” or “znak ochronny,” meaning “trademark.”

“Ochrona” is a noun meaning “protection/conservation” or “security.” “Ochrona przyrody” is “nature preservation,” “ochrona danych osobowych” is “protection of personal data/information,” and “ochrona osobista” is “personal bodyguard.”

“Ochroniarski” is a noun meaning “security” in the general sense, and “ochroniarz” can mean “bodyguard” but is also a word for “environmentalist.”

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