Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Polish Books Online

Want to read a book in Polish for free on your computer? You can go to this link to browse available Polish books on Project Gutenberg.  You can either read them as HTML books online, or download them to your computer or mobile device in various forms.

There are also a number of books in Polish, and a better selection, at wolnelektury.pl.  You can read them online or download them as well.  They also have a number of audiobooks. Some of the audiobooks you can follow along by opening another browser window or tab with the text (if the text is available).  You could even open the text in another browser window in Chrome and translate it into English (or any other language), if you wish.  However, since the text page is in a frame, Chrome won't prompt you to translate it.  I was able to translate text pages by right-clicking on the page and choosing "Translate into English."  Here is an example:  You could open up the audiobook "Brzydkie kaczątko" (The Ugly Duckling) in one window, open the text in another, and then open another window or tab in Google Chrome with the text and translate it.  Also, if there is an audiobook to accompany the text, you can just open the text link, and there will be a link at the top that says "Listen" that will open another window with the audiobook.


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